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    Wear Resistant Pipe




    1)The large amount of hard chromium carbides allows this plate to thrive in extreme abrasion and impact applications including wear strips, bucket, blade and truck deck liners, hoppers, shutes and conveyors.
    2)The hardiness of the overlay plate is a composite of hard chromium carbides, and tough, austenitic matrix. A variety of substrates such as stainless steels, nickel alloys and quenched & tempered steels, are used in the manufacturing process.
    3)This plate can be easily formed to suit curves and contours. Welded studs or countersunk inserts can be fitted so plates become easily replaceable.

    The highest quality standards, this plate is first choice for the maximum wear protection.

    Chemical Composition
    Abrasion Resistance
    Impact Resistance
    C:4.0-5.0% Mn: 1.0-5% Cr: 24-45% Fe and others: balance. Actual chemistry will vary with overlay thickness. 
    (Custom chemistries can be developed for specific applications.)
    55-62 HRC. The hardness is a composite of hard chromium carbides (1750 V) and tough austenitic matrix. The hardness can vary depending on the thickness of the overlay.
    30 to 1 over mild steel and 3-4 times over HARDOX 400.
    Will withstand continuous moderate impact. Custom overlays can be formulated to withstand higher impact.
    Temperature Range
    Flatness Tolerance
    1100 degrees Fahrenheit (594 degrees Celsius). Custom chemistries can be developed for higher operating temperatures.
    + 1/8” over 5 feet of 
    the length of the plate. This manufacturing specification is crucial when forming and fabricating.
    An austenitic matrix with 40-45% hexagonal primary carbides M7C3 & 15-20% blade-like secondary carbides M7C3, along with additional M3C formations. These metallurgical phases are formed during the controlled cooling process as the weld beads are deposited.
    The overlay surface of ZS1000 consists of a series of beads with numerous hairline cracks. These properly spaced cracks are a natural stress relief phenomenon and are beneficial to the material. These cracks propagate through the overlay and end the fusion line.

    Industry application

    Cement Industry

    The cement industry has provided our biggest customer base since our founding. The severe abrasion experienced in cement mills, chutes and hoppers, gives the industry a serious need for equipment protection solutions. We provide the best solutions in the world for cement mill rollers of all types.

    Mining Industry

    Face it, no matter what minerals you are mining, there is no escaping the abrasion experienced by mining equipment. Not only can we reduce equipment damage to hopper and chutes, but our cladding can significantly extend the life of dump trucks, excavating equipment, and transport equipment.

    Coal Power Industry

    The reliable movement of coal is crucial to the coal power industry. When chutes and hoppers need to be replaced, the replacement and repair service costs are expensive, and the downtime can hurt the bottom line. Reduce the down time, and extend the life of your equipment with solutions from ZS Plate.

    Steel Industry

    The steel industry experiences great wear and tear on its equipment that transports raw ore into its processing areas. ZS Plate protection on chutes and hoppers reduces down time and replacement costs.

    Construction Equipment

    Steel wear-resistant plating (cladding) for the protection of the active surfaces of many types of construction equipment.

    Companies that use dump trucks, bulldozers, and other vehicles used in the construction industry are also our customers.

    Other Industries

    The hardfacing, or protective cladding, services provided by our company can extend the service life of equipment used in many other industries, wherever heavy equipment experiences wear and abrasion. Any industry using hoppers and chutes can benefit from the protection of our solutions.

    Product Advantage

    1)4 to 5 times longer wear life over standard buckets, which means less bucket work and down time.

    2)It is a lot easier to work with than normal wear plate.

    3)Very little maintenance - easy to repair cracks and chips.

    4)Significant savings in downtime and maintenance costs.

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